Fritos to Dryer Lint – 5 Emergency Fire Starters

It’s cold, wet and miserable. You are drenched to the bone. All you really want to do is get warm. Now would be a good time to start a fire; but dry tinder material is scarce.

In such a situation it pays to have an emergency fire starter close at hand. Listed below are five lightweight and reliable options: 

1. VASELINE COATED COTTON BALLS – A long-time favourite. Store in a tiny ziploc or vial.

2. FRITOS CORN CHIPS – This one is courtesy of Justin “Trauma” Lichter. Burns slow and evenly. Other oily chips work just as well. 

3. LIGHT MY FIRE / FIRESTEEL – Lightweight, foolproof fire starting tool that works irrespective of the conditions. Those Swedes definitely know their stuff. Highly recommended.

4. TRICK BIRTHDAY CANDLE – The ones you can’t blow out. Works well in wind and rain. Multi-purpose to boot;  just in case you decide to have an impromptu candlelit supper with your significant other………or any other random hiker who happens to take your fancy.

Belly Lint Extraction – Japanese Style

5. DRYER LINT – In the weeks prior to your hike, empty the contents of your dryer’s lint catcher into a plastic bag. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back; this particular fire starting technique has the added karmic benefit of recycling an otherwise inutile material. Once out in the field, if you happen to find yourself a tad short when it comes to the crunch, politely ask any and all nearby hikers to empty out their belly buttons………..every little lint counts. 


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