Tips for Hiking in Tick Country

Alongside mosquitos, ticks are at the top of the vector class when it comes to disease transmission. These little blood suckers can carry and transmit viruses, bacteria and parasites. Indeed, when it comes to spending time out in the wilderness … Continue reading

Minimizing Food and Water Weight

For lightweight backpackers, the combined weight of food & water will regularly exceed that of all the gear they are carrying. For example, five days food equates to approximately 10 lbs. Half a gallon of water is roughly 4 lbs. … Continue reading

The Secret to Hiking Longevity

Last week I shared a photo on social media of three friends of mine on the Sierra High Route. What I didn’t mention is that two of the ladies pictured, namely Christy “Rockin” Rosander and Nancy “Why Not” Huber, are … Continue reading

Tips for Hiking in Snake Country

Snakes aren’t interested in biting hikers. Whether you’re walking down the trail, sleeping under the stars or taking a sneaky number two behind a not-quite-big-enough bush, snakes want to avoid a potential encounter just as much as you do. That … Continue reading

Backpacking First-Aid Kit

I’ve met overnight hikers carrying First-Aid kits that would put your average paramedic to shame. At the other end of the spectrum, I’ve also encountered walkers on longer treks armed with nothing but duct tape and a “I’ll be ok, nothing … Continue reading

Tips for High Altitude Hiking

High mountain ranges such as the Rockies, Andes and Himalaya offer some of the most spectacular hiking opportunities on the planet. However, walking at high altitude brings with it certain inherent risks, the most common of which is altitude sickness, … Continue reading

Lightning Safety Tips for Hikers

Monsoon season is in full swing across the southwestern United States. That means plenty of thunderstorms. When it comes to hiking in lightning-prone areas, most problems can be avoided by planning ahead, staying alert to changing weather conditions and knowing … Continue reading

A Hiker’s Guide to Blister Management

Blisters are to hikers what carpal tunnel syndrome is to court reporters. The primary cause of these little bubbles of fun is friction. Long hours on your feet combined with ill-fitting footwear and/or excessive moisture is generally enough to do … Continue reading

Hiking Solo or in a Group?

“Never walk alone” is a refrain most commonly heard from Park Rangers, Liverpool football (soccer) fans and Rodgers and Hammerstein aficionados the world over. In so much as it relates to hiking, it can be considered sound advice for beginners … Continue reading

Tips for High Altitude Hiking

“The heights charm us, but the steps do not; with the mountain in our view we love to walk the plains.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) High mountain ranges such as the Rockies, Sierra Nevada, Himalayas and Andes offer some … Continue reading