Zion National Park Loop | UT, USA, 2013


Distance: 60 miles (96.6 km) approx. Avg.Time:  4 days Start / Finish:   The Grotto Easy access via the shuttle system which departs regularly from the Zion NP Visitor’s Center. Season: All year. For more moderate conditions, Spring and Autumn are … Continue reading

Appalachian Trail | USA, 2012


Distance: 2181 miles (3510 km) Avg. Time: 5 – 6 months Start / Finish: Northern Terminus: Mt. Katahdin, Baxter State Park, ME Southern Terminus: Springer Mountain, GA Season: Regular hiking season for northbounders runs from March through to mid-October. For … Continue reading

Continental Divide Trail | USA, 2012


Distance:  2,500 miles – 3,100 miles (5,000 km) | Depends on route choices. Avg. Time:  5 months Start / Finish: Southern Terminus: Crazy Cook Monument, NM (official), Antelope Wells and Columbus, NM (alternates). Northern Terminus: Waterton Lake, MT or Chief Mountain, … Continue reading

Southwestern Horseshoe | USA, 2012

Rock Surfing, Bryce Canyon NP, Utah, USA, 2012

Distance:  1782 miles (2867 km) approx. Start :  Arches National Park, Utah Finish :  Albuquerque, New Mexico Maps / Info : The Southwestern Horseshoe (SWH) joins together the Hayduke (HT), Arizona (AZT) and Grand Enchantment Trails’ (GET). Below is a brief summary … Continue reading

International Appalachian Trail | Canada & USA | 2011

Sunset Quebec

Distance : 743 miles (1196 km) approx. Avg.Time:  45 – 50 days Start : Cap Gaspe, Quebec, Canada Finish : Mt.Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine, USA Maps / Information : In October, 2011, I hiked from Cap Gaspe, Quebec, via … Continue reading

Pacific Northwest Trail | USA, 2011


Distance : 1200 miles (1931 km) approx. Avg.Time :  65 days Start : Cape Alava, WA. Finish : Waterton Lake or Chief Mountain, Glacier National Park, MT. Maps/Info : Guidebooks: The original guidebook for the trail was written by Ron Strickland, the … Continue reading

Southeastern Serpentine Trail (SST) | USA, 2011


Distance:  578 miles (930 km) approx. Start:  Table Rock State Park, South Carolina Finish: Springer Mountain, Georgia Avg.Time:  30 – 35 days Season:   Spring and autumn are ideal. Personally I would suggest the latter in order to catch the Fall colours of … Continue reading

Benton Mackaye Trail | NC, TN & GA | USA, 2011


Distance:  288 miles (463.5 km) Start:  Davenport Gap, TN Finish:  Springer Mountain, GA For trailhead access details, see the BMTA hiker resources page. Avg. Time:  18 – 20 days Season: For my money, spring & autumn are ideal. Comfortable temps … Continue reading

Foothills Trail | SC & NC | USA, 2011


Distance:  76 miles approx. (122 km) Start:  Table Rock State Park, SC Finish:  Oconee State Park, NC Avg. Time:  5 days Maps & Info: I used the trail map and guidebook available from foothillstrail.org. Foothillstrail.org: Online source for up-to-date information … Continue reading

Bartram Trail | GA & NC | USA, 2011


Distance:  116 miles (187 km) Start:  Russell Bridge, GA Finish:  Cheoah Bald, NC Avg. Time: 7 or 8 days Maps/Info:  The trail is named after William Bartram, 18th century botanist, writer and all-around outdoorsy type. The BT is a trail in … Continue reading