Zion National Park Loop | UT, USA, 2013


Distance: 60 miles (96.6 km) approx. Avg.Time:  4 days Start / Finish:   The Grotto Easy access via the shuttle system which departs regularly from the Zion NP Visitor’s Center. Season: All year. For more moderate conditions, Spring and Autumn are … Continue reading

Appalachian Trail | USA, 2012


Distance: 2181 miles (3510 km) Avg. Time: 5 – 6 months Start / Finish: Northern Terminus: Mt. Katahdin, Baxter State Park, ME Southern Terminus: Springer Mountain, GA Season: Regular hiking season for northbounders runs from March through to mid-October. For … Continue reading

Continental Divide Trail | USA, 2012


Distance:  2,500 miles – 3,100 miles (5,000 km) | Depends on route choices. Avg. Time:  5 months Start / Finish: Southern Terminus: Crazy Cook Monument, NM (official), Antelope Wells and Columbus, NM (alternates). Northern Terminus: Waterton Lake, MT or Chief Mountain, … Continue reading

Southwestern Horseshoe | USA, 2012

Rock Surfing, Bryce Canyon NP, Utah, USA, 2012

Distance:  1782 miles (2867 km) approx. Start :  Arches National Park, Utah Finish :  Albuquerque, New Mexico Maps / Info : The Southwestern Horseshoe (SWH) joins together the Hayduke (HT), Arizona (AZT) and Grand Enchantment Trails’ (GET). Below is a brief summary … Continue reading

International Appalachian Trail | Canada & USA | 2011

Sunset Quebec

Distance : 743 miles (1196 km) approx. Avg.Time:  45 – 50 days Start : Cap Gaspe, Quebec, Canada Finish : Mt.Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine, USA Maps / Information : In October, 2011, I hiked from Cap Gaspe, Quebec, via … Continue reading

Pacific Northwest Trail | USA, 2011


Distance : 1200 miles (1931 km) approx. Avg.Time :  65 days Start : Cape Alava, WA. Finish : Waterton Lake or Chief Mountain, Glacier National Park, MT. Maps/Info : Guidebooks: The original guidebook for the trail was written by Ron Strickland, the … Continue reading

Southeastern Serpentine Trail (SST) | USA | 2011


Distance:  583 miles (938 km) Start:  Table Rock State Park, South Carolina Finish: Springer Mountain, Georgia Avg.Time:  30-35 days Season:   I would recommend spring or autumn. Mid to late September strikes me as being the ideal time to begin the SST, … Continue reading

Benton Mackaye Trail | NC, TN & GA | USA | 2011


Distance:  299 miles (481 km) – This total includes the extra 3 miles from Standing BearFarm to Davenport Gap, as well as the additional 8.8 miles from Springer mountain down to Amicalola State Park trailhead. Start:  Davenport Gap, TN Finish:  Springer Mountain, GA … Continue reading

Foothills Trail | SC & NC | USA, 2011


Distance:  76 miles approx. (122 km) Start:  Table Rock State Park, SC Finish:  Oconee State Park, NC Avg. Time:  5 days Maps & Info: I used the trail map and guidebook available from foothillstrail.org. Foothillstrail.org: Online source for up-to-date information … Continue reading

Bartram Trail | GA & NC | USA | 2011


Distance:  116 miles (187 km) Start:  Russell Bridge, GA Finish:  Cheoah Bald, NC Avg. Time: 7 or 8 days Maps/Info:  The trail is named after William Bartram, 18th century botanist, writer and all-around outdoorsy type. The BT is a trail in … Continue reading

Lowest to Highest Route | CA, USA, 2014


Death Valley to the summit of Mt.Whitney. From the lowest spot in North America (280 ft below sea level) to the highest point in the contiguous United States (14,495 ft). The brainchild of Brett “Blisterfree” Tucker (creator of the Grand … Continue reading