Pre-Hike Logistics




Resupply Boxes for the PCT / CDT / AT, 2012

Organize permission (e.g. If trekking over private lands) or permits (e.g. National Park, camping or hut fees) before setting out. 


For longer hikes where resupply options are limited, you may need to organize mail drops in advance. Most countries offer the service by which a Post Office will hold mail until the recipient comes to collect it. How long they will hold it can vary considerably depending on the country. These packages are usually addressed General Delivery (USA & Canada or Poste Restante (Australia, NZ and many other countries). Be sure to include your name, estimated date of arrival and perhaps a side note saying, “please hold for …..(Name of Trail)…. hiker.”

Getting There & Away

Arrange transport to and from the trail. Always have a backup plan in case injury, illness or other circumstances force you to finish early.