Corcovado National Park | Costa Rica, 2000

Distance :  39.1 miles (63 km) approx.d

Avg.Time : 3 days

Start / Finish :

Season :

  • Best time for hiking is the dry season between December and April.


Maps / Info :



Route / Conditions :

  • Navigation is not a problem on the initial section between San Pedrillo Ranger Station and Sirena Ranger Station.  Quite simply follow the coast SE and you can’t go wrong.
  • Once you reach Sirena, there is just the one main inland trail leading to Los Patos Ranger Station. It is quite wide and easy to follow.
  • From Los Patos, there is a little used, but easy to follow 4WD track leading NNE to La Palma. If lucky, you may be able to hitch a ride.


  • Although navigation in Corcovado is not an issue, the section between San Pedrillo and Serena is by no means easy. For the most part it is a shadeless beach walk, and when the tide is up, you will often be walking in soft sand. Be sure to stay well hydrated, as temperatures on the Oso Peninsula can be scorching.
  • Water: Seven kilometres from San Pedrillo there is a stream where you can obtain water. Be sure to purify. After this there are no fresh water options until you reach Sirena. In shadeless, tropical conditions such as these, you need to be drinking at least 1 litre of water per hour.
  • Check the tide times before leaving San Pedrillo, as three rivers (Llorona, Corcovado and Sirena) need to be forded and each can potentially be chest-deep during high tide. I am speaking from personal experience on this one.
  • It is worth noting that there are supposedly crocodiles and sharks near the mouth of the Rio Sirena. No place to dally.


Sleeping :

  • Bring your own shelter. Accomodation may be possible at the Ranger Stations, however it cannot be guaranteed.

Overview :

  • The beach hike between San Pedrillo and Sirena is gorgeous. There is no development whatsoever, and the entire stretch has a deserted tropical island feel to it.
  • The wildlife in Corcovado is amazing. All four species of Costa Rican monkeys, agoutis, white-nosed coatis, tapirs, sloths, crocodiles, sea turtles, jaguars and the largest population of scarlet macaws in Costa Rica.
  • Corcovado National Park is a gem. One of my favourite spots in Central America.


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