Portovenere to Levanto – Cinque Terre Coastal Walk

This picturesque coastal walk is a combination of the Sentierro Rosso (“red trail”) and the Sentiero Azzurro (“blue trail”). The latter is the region’s most famous pathway and is featured in The Hiking Life’s 20 Classic Day Hikes from around the world.

Avg. Time:  2 days. It could be comfortably be done in one, however, it is worth overnighting in Riomaggiore or Vernazza.

Start / Finish:  Portovenere – Levanto. Both trailheads are serviced by regular public transport.

Season:  All year

Maps / Info :

  • I used the basic map and trekking notes contained in Lonely Planet’s Walking in Italy (1998). I found the information in this guidebook to be adequate for navigation purposes. The most recent edition of this guidebook was published in 2010. It is now titled Hiking in Italy.
  • Online Map: Inognidove.it has a Cinque Terre Walking map that covers the route from Portovenere to Levanto. The informative page also includes trekking times for the different sections and points of interest for the area.

Descending to Portovenere


Cinque Terre coast between Riomaggiore and Portovenere.


the village of Vernazza.

Route / Conditions:

  • Starting in Portovenere, follow the Sentiero Rosso until you reach the Colle del Telegrafo. From there descend to the picturesque village of Riomaggiore and link up with the Sentiero Azzuro (marked by blue paint splashes), which leads you to Monterosso al Mare.
  • From Monterosso, take route #10 which climbs SW above Punta Mesco, at which time it rejoins the Sentiero Rosso and takes you all the way through to Levanto.
  • It is not as complicated as it sounds. Just follow the coast and you can’t go too far wrong.



  • Overnight in one of the many accommodation options available in Riomaggiore or Vernazza. I rented an apartment in Riomaggiore, and enjoyed it so much I ended up staying a week.


  • An easy walk along the ridges and coastline overlooking the Ligurian Sea. Gorgeous scenery. Take your time. Lots of good food options along the way.