Rush Phari | Karakorum Range, Pakistan, 2008


Campsite overlooking Barphu Glacier

Distance :   22.4 miles (36 km)

Avg.Time :   3 days

Start / Finish :

  • Hoper
  • A daily minibus runs to Hoper from Aliabad, situated just down the hill from Karimabad. The latter village is a fantastic place to base yourself whilst doing multiple hikes in the Hunza Valley.

Season :  June – September

Maps / Info :


Downtown Hoper


On the outskirts of Hoper heading to Rush Phari

  • Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research: 1:250,000 India-Karakoram Topographic map. Provides a general overview of the region. Helpful for pre-trip planning, but the lack of contour lines makes its usefulness for hiking purposes negligible. As with all topo maps for Pakistan, your best bet is to buy or download it before you arrive.
  • Bring all supplies from Karimabad or Aliabad.


Route / Conditions :

  • No reliable water sources until you reach Bericho Kor. Water here should be treated.
  • Long waterless climb from Bericho Kor up to Chidin Harai. Just after attaining the ridge, there are a couple of places where you can pitch your tent. The views from here are jaw-dropping.
  • The side trip up to Rush peak is a must. Magic views.

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Sleeping :

  • No huts. Bring a tent.
  • Excellent camping at Bericho Kor.
  • Accommodation is available in the village of Hoper.

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Overview :

  • Due to the rapid gain in elevation, make sure you are acclimatised before doing the Rush Phari trek.
  • One of the most spectacular short treks I have ever done. Stunning scenery from start to finish.




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