Skogar-Landmannalauger | Iceland, 2000

Distance :  48.5 miles (78 km)k_4

Avg.Time :  4 days

Start / Finish :

  • Skogar – Landmannalauger
  • Click here for transport details to and from the trailheads.
  • Most of my time in Iceland was spent on a mountain bike. Skogar represented the finishing point to what had been a fantastic five weeks of cycling. Whilst I set off on foot for Landmannalauger, my bike took the easy option in the form of a bus back to Reykjavik.

Season :  June to August

Maps / Info :

  • Lonely Planet’s Iceland guidebook contains a general overview of the hike.
  • All supplies must be bought in advance. If starting in Skogar, the nearest supermarket is in the town of Vik, 30 minutes away by bus.

Route / Conditions :

  • The section between Skogar and Thorsmork is breathtaking. One incredible waterfall after another. It starts with the “Daddy” of them all, Skogafoss. If you brought your own shelter, try to spend a night camped by one of the falls. Don’t even think about missing this section by starting your hike in Thorsmork.
  • The trail between Thorsmork and Landmannalauger is well marked and easy to follow. That being said, Icelandic weather is notoriously unpredictable – always carry map and compass and don’t forget your wet weather gear.

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Sleeping :

  • Huts or camping. If choosing the former, you may need to book in advance in order to guarantee a place. Click here for details.
  • Since I hiked in 2000, the trail between Skogar and Landmannalauger has become significantly more popular. As a result, “wild camping” outside of designated areas is now officially discouraged.

Overview :

  • Waterfalls, lava fields, moonscapes, multi-coloured mountains, lakes, rivers and hot springs. The diversity on this trek is amazing. Justifiably Iceland’s most famous multi-day hike.
  • It is worth spending an extra day or two at Landmannalauger, in order to enjoy soaking in the multi-temperature thermal waters.

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