Thorsborne Trail | QLD, Australia, 2006

y5Distance :   20 miles (32 km)

Avg.Time :  3 days

Start / Finish :

  • Ramsay Bay – George Point.

Season :  April – September

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Maps / Info :

  • In addition to ferry/boat services, camping permits also need to be organised in advance. There is a maximum of 40 people on the trail at any one time. See the QLD govt. website for details.
  • I used the trekking notes and basic map contained in John Chapman’s Bushwalking in Australia . Widely available in Outdoor stores throughout Australia.

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  • If sticking to the main trail, the map and notes in Chapman’s book should suffice. If contemplating an ascent of Mt. Bowen, it is advisable to take a topo map. The best on offer is AUSLIG’s 1:50,000 Hillock Point. The alternative is NATMAP’s 1:100,000 Cardwell.
  • Regrettably, I didn’t do the climb up to Mt. Bowen (1121m), but from all reports there are supposed to be spectacular views from the top. That being said, it is said to be a challenging trek and good route finding skills are required.

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Route / Conditions :

  • The trek is well marked and easy to follow from start to finish.
  • Due to rats, steel boxes are present at all the main campsites. Be sure to store your food in them at night, lest you wake up in the morning with a hole in your tent and/or pack.
  • The beaches along the way are gorgeous, however, it is worth taking heed of any saltwater crocodile warning signs along the way. There is great swimming to be had at both Zoe and Mulligan Falls.

Sleeping :  Bring your own shelter.

Overview :

  • The Thorsborne trail is one of the world’s finest coastal walks.
  • Mangroves, pristine beaches, tall Eucalypt forests, rocky headlands, lush rainforest and two of the world’s best swimming holes…………I loved this trail.
  • Due to its short length (32km), mellow nature and the logistics of actually getting to and from the island itself, I would definitely recommend taking your time on the Thorsborne Trail. Bring a book and do as much swimming as possible.

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