Volcan Paricutin | Michoacan, Mexico, 1995/2005

Distance :   12.4 miles (20 km)h

Avg.Time :  5-7 hours

Start / Finish :

  • Centro Turistico de Angahuan
  • There are regular 2nd class buses to Angahuan from Uruapan.  The 20 miles (32 km) trip takes about one hour.

Season :

  • Possible any time of year.

Maps / Info :

  • The Centro Turistico de Angahuan is a good source of up-to-date information in regards to the Volcan Paricutin. If you have come by private transport, I found this to be a safe place to leave your vehicle for the day.

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  • As of 2013, I’ve yet to see a map for this hike. That being said, you don’t really need one. You can see the volcano SSE from your starting point at the Centro Turistico.

Route / Conditions :

  • Departing from the Central Turistico, drop down into the forest below and head SSE along forest roads. If in doubt, ask locals to point you in the right direction.

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  • Within an hour or so, you will clear the forest and reach the edge of the lava field, after which the volcano will always be in sight. From this point, the route to the volcano is marked by paint splashes and the occasional rock cairn.
  • It is well worth finding this marked route. If you don’t, as was the case when I first visited in 1995, it’s a long, hard slog over the lava field.
  • Either on the way out or on the return journey, be sure to visit the memorable Templo San Juan Parangaricutiro (see photos). This half-buried church situated on the edge of the lava field is about 45 minutes walk from Angahuan.

Sleeping :

  • Day trip. Accommodation available in Angahuan or Uruapan.

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Overview :

  • I first became aware of the Volcan Paricutin whilst perusing a copy of the World Almanac. It was listed as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. When I realized that it was situated less than five hours drive from where I was living in the state of Jalisco, I immediately got in my car and drove to Angahuan to see it for myself.
  • The woman pictured in the photos from my 2005 visit is none other than my sister, Kelli.

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