Continental Divide Trail (CDT) – Preview

2700 miles approx. (4345 km)

START : Waterton Lakes National Park, US/Canada border.

FINISH : Columbus, New Mexico, US/Mexico Border.



  • Combination maildrop (80%) and buy as I go (20%).
  • Frequency of supply points is similar to the PCT; on average every 5 days.


  • Toughest of the Triple Crown trails from a navigational and logistical perspective.
  • Not as established as the AT and PCT. Plenty of scope for alternative routes.
  • I will be doing the CDT during the summer of 2012. Weather-wise I don’t forsee too many issues. Perhaps some afternoon electrical storms in the Rockies. Temperature-wise, things will be getting pretty hot in New Mexico; may carry a mylar-coated umbrella……….for purposes of shade rather than style…………not that sporting a parasol in the desert isn’t fashionable…………not sure how your average New Mexican rancher feels about the issue……..ramble, ramble……….

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