Florida Trail (FT) – Preview

1100 miles (1770 km)

START : Loop Road, Big Cypress National Preserve, FA

FINISH : Fort Pickens, Pensacola, FA



  • The FT never strays too far away from civilization. Regular resupply options available the entire length of the trail.


  • The FT is well marked with orange blazes.
  • The FT is the flattest of the 12 walks. What it lacks in altitudinal variation, it certainly makes up for in the ecological department. Florida’s subtropical and temperate ecosystems make it the most biologically diverse of America’s lower 48 states.
  • I will be hiking the FT during the winter “dry” season. The difficulty of certain stretches will depend upon the previous rainy season (ie. May to October). High water levels can make for very soggy hiking in some of the southerly sections. On the other hand, very low water levels can mean longer distances between water sources further north.

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