Great Divide Trail (GDT) – Preview

560 miles (901 km) approx.

START : Waterton Lake National Park, Alberta/Montana – US/Canadian border.

FINISH : Jasper, BC, Canada.



  • Not as many options available as there is south of the border; which is actually a good thing. Less choices mean a simpler resupply strategy. In addition, the dearth of trail towns equates to less temptations of the culinary and cushy/indoor variety………….not sure this is such a positive.


  • Geographically speaking, the Great Divide Trail picks up where the Continental Divide Trail leaves off at the US/Canadian border. It winds its way northwest along the Canadian Rockies, passing through two provinces (Alberta and British Columbia) and numerous National and Provincial parks.
  • The route is a combination of pre-existing trails and cross country travel. With breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife viewing opportunities throughout, the GDT promises to be one of the highlights of the entire trip (this last sentence was brought to you by the unofficial Parks Canada Marketing Department………Australian Division).

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