Southwestern Horseshoe (SWH) – Preview

2000 miles (3219 km) approx.

START : Arches National Park, Utah

FINISH : Alburquerque, New Mexico


The Southwestern Horseshoe is a combination of the Hayduke (HT), Arizona (AZT) and Grand Enchantment Trails’ (GET).

  • Grand Enchantment Trail – Brett Tucker’s (founder of the GET) excellent website contains detailed information on resupply, trail conditions and topographic maps.
  • Click here for an overview map of the G.E.T.


  • On average I am looking at 5 to 6 days between resupply points. Probably 80% maildrops and 20% buy as I go.


  • The Hayduke and GET sections of the SWH are more “routes” than trails. Consisting of extended sections of cross country travel, interspersed with stretches along existing footpaths and little used 4WD tracks.
  • The AZT is a more established trail, although certainly not to the extent of the AT or PCT.
  • I hope to begin in Arches around the end of winter/early spring, 2012. Could be in for some chilly nights (and days), particularly during some of the higher altitude sections. Depending on the conditions at the time, I may pack either snowshoes or microspikes.


  • The idea for the Southwestern Horseshoe essentially came about by accident. Originally, I had planned to connect the Hayduke and Arizona Trails together for a 1500 mile journey from Arches NP down to the Arizona-US/Mexico border.
  • Plans were revised after reading about the Grand Enchantment Trail on A quick look at the overview map revealed that the starting point for this “trail” was not too far away (relatively speaking) to the finishing point of the AZT. A whole ten minutes of research later, and my original plan had gone the way of the dodo, in favour of linking all three trails together in a horseshoe-shaped route through America’s southwest.


Southwestern Horseshoe (SWH) – Preview — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Swami,

    On the Hayduke Trail did you cache any food or water along the route?
    If so, how many and where did you cache?



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