Southeastern Serpentine Trail (SST) – Preview

DISTANCE: 600 miles (966 km) approx.

START:  Table Rock State Park, South Carolina

FINISH:  Springer Mountain, Georgia


Foothills Trail:

  • According to a couple of hiker friends of mine from Georgia, the waterfall-laden Foothills Trail is one of North America’s most scenic pathways. It measures around 80 miles and is situated in North and South Carolina. Well marked and maintained, I plan to use the trail notes and sketch maps in Johnny Molloy’s, Long Trails of the Southeast.
  • Online source for up-to-date information on anything and everything pertaining to the Foothills Trail.
  • Click here for an overview map of the Foothills Trail.

Bartram Trail:

  • The BT is a trail in two parts, or should I say states. The Georgia sections covers 38 miles and the North Carolina section 78 miles. Both states have their own websites, guidebooks and maps. Indeed, there doesn’t appear to be one map which covers the entire Bartram Trail.
  • As the path is very well marked from start to finish, once again I’ll most likely utilize the detailed hiking notes and sketch maps contained in Johnny Molloy’s book (mentioned above).
  • Click on the following links for overview maps of the Georgia and North Carolina sections of the BT.

Benton Mackaye Trail:

  • At roughly 300 miles, the BMT represents the longest and most challenging section of the SST. It traverses three states (North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia) and shares the same southerly terminus as the Appalachian Trail (ie. Springer Mountain).
  • The Benton Mackaye Trail Association website contains up-to-date information on trail conditions and links to other helpful resources.
  • Mr. Parkay’s topo maps: Free downloadable maps for the entire BMT.
  • Benton Mackaye Trail Thru-Hiker Guide: Sgt. Rock’s planning guide to the BMT.
  • – Return to the Hills: Includes logistical information on the BMT as well as a trail journal and accompanying photos.
  • Click here for an overview map of the BMT.


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