SST – Stage 2 – Bartram Trail

Distance:  116 miles (187 km)IMG_4541

Start:  Russell Bridge, GA

Finish:  Cheoah Bald, NC

Time:  4.5 days (early Nov.8 to Nov.12)

Daily Average:  25.8 miles (41.5 km)


  • The Georgia section of the Bartram Trail (about 38 miles) is distinguished by wonderful engraved stone markers. Something a bit different. Indeed, the Roman font almost gives the trail an historical type feel………….maybe I should have been decked out in sandals, armour, a tunic and perhaps even a red plume perched on top of my hiking hat?!
  • Sunrise from Wayah Bald – stunning spot with a 360° panorama.


  • The only thing that comes to mind is the 14 mile road walk into and out of Franklin, NC. Needed to break out the hiking pole on a couple of occasions to engage in some serious Errol Flynn action (ie. Flynn was a Hollywood actor back in the 1930’s and 40’s that specialized in swashbuckling roles), in order to keep a couple of the more aggressive local canines at bay.

Notes & Musings

  • The Bartram Trail is named after William Bartram, 18th century botanist, writer and all-around outdoorsy type.
  • The Bartram Trail was voted by Backpacker Magazine readers to be the No.1 trail in the United States for solitude. After not encountering a single other hiker during my time on the trail I can see why. However, I just have one question – if hardly anyone ever walks the trail, how can it be voted No.1 in anything?

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