PCT – Day 1 – North to Canada

DATE:  May 6, 201220120715-052131.jpg

START:  Campo

FINISH:  Long Canyon Creek ford

DISTANCE:  38 miles (61 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  38 miles (61km)

And away we go…

Fantastic to be back on the PCT after five years. Even better to catch up with Barney and Sandy Mann, good friends and trail angels extraordinaire from San Diego (pictured with yours truly by the PCT monument).

Late start at 7.50am, but hiked steadily throughout the day. I was joined for much of the way by Sebastian, a young Frenchman with one of the smallest backpacks I have seen. This is his first thru hike in the States, although he has previously done quite a bit of long distance hiking in Europe, including one of my all-time favourites, the Pyrenees High Route. Best of luck on your journey, Seb!

By 8pm my lack of sleep over the past week had caught up with me, and I settled for a less than stellar campsite just up from Long Creek ford. Feeling wearier than an oarsman on a Roman slave ship during a heated maritime engagement, I was asleep within minutes. Great first day!






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