PCT – Day 10 – The Only Way is Up

DATE:  May 1520120518-041424.jpg

START:  Cajon Pass

FINISH:  Little Jimmy Campground

DISTANCE:  42 miles (67.6 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  384 miles (618 km)

Long day. Ascended over 8,000 feet total. Nonetheless, still felt good at days end. Yesterday’s yoga and jacuzzi sessions definitely helped. Good old Best Western!

Ran into Billy Goat again during the initial climb out of Cajon Pass. Later met up with Chilli and Pepper, a father/son hiking team whom I had previously seen on the Florida Trail last January. To complete a day of reunions, I hiked the final couple of hours with Wrong Way, a hiker/long distance cyclist whom I initially encountered in the Smoky mountains during the Southeastern Serpentine Trail. The day’s scenic highlight was the 360 degree panorama from the summit of Mt Baden Powell.

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