PCT – Day 11 – Man Versus Poodle

DATE:  May 1620120526-171010.jpg

START:  Little Jimmy Campground

FINISH:  On ridge, a few miles short of Messenger Flats

DISTANCE:  43 miles (69.2 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  427 miles (687 km)

Inadvertently walked through a bunch of Turicula or Poodle dog bush, a poisonous plant endemic to southern CA and Baja CA. A member of the forget-me-not family, Poodle bush can lie dormant for years at a time, before reemerging most commonly in the wake of a forest or bush fire. Unfortunately I became aware of all this after the fact. Signs of contagion generally appear 12 to 48 hours aftercontact. Fingers crossed.

On a brighter note, ran into the PCT’s version of the Wolf Pack, a group of five young fun loving hikers who appeared to be having the time of their lives. Thanks for the company, guys, and best of luck for the rest of your journey.

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