PCT – Day 12 – The Saufleys

DATE:  May 1720120518-043344.jpg

START:  Ridge, a few miles short of Messenger Flats

FINISH:  Junction with Sierra Pelona Ridge Road

DISTANCE:  35.3 miles (56.8 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  462.3 miles (743.8 km)

The small desert community of Agua Dulce is known in hiking circles as the home of Jeff and Donna Saufley (pictured above with yours truly). Each and every year the Saufleys open up their property (known as Hiker Heaven) to literally hundreds of dusty, sweaty and smelly hikers. They provide shelter, laundry, computers, mailing service and a myriad of other hiking related services. Through their tireless efforts, Jeff and Donna personify the unconditional kindness and hospitality for which the Trail Angel community is famous. Amazing people; the PCT would not be the same without them.


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