PCT – Day 14 – Hikertown and the “Train”

DATE:  May 1920120715-071605.jpg

START:  Red Rock Water Tank

FINISH:  Tyler Horse Canyon

DISTANCE:  39 miles (62.8 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  541.8 miles (871.8 km)

In regards to the photo below: 1. No I haven’t switched teams mid-game and; 2. No, I haven’t abandoned the PCT in favor of an elopement with a cross-dressing Hell’s Angel. The gentleman pictured with myself goes by the trail name “Train” (wedding, rather than choo choo). To raise money for his PCT hike he accepted a bet from a friend that he would wear a wedding dress for the duration of his 2600 mile journey. A great bloke (possibly the first time I have used this expression to describe someone in a wedding dress!) and one of the unique characters which help to make the PCT such a wonderful all-around experience.

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