PCT – Day 15 – A Long Time Between Drinks

DATE:  May 2020120523-021611.jpg

START:  Tyler Horse Canyon

FINISH:  Golden Oaks Spring

DISTANCE:  41.5 miles (66.8 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  583.3 miles (938.5 km)

With only one water source, little shade, lots of climbing and soaring temps, today was a tough one. The highlight was probably the sunset silhouette of the windmills from a ridge just shy of Golden Oaks Springs.

In 2007, it was during this section that my hiking buddy, Mike Towne, and I, met an interesting gentleman who was sporting the latest satellite telephone. For what seemed like an eternity he expounded upon its apparently infinite virtues. His final line was the kicker, and I quote: ” I would tell you boys what it cost, but I think it might be a little out of your price range.” After hiking together a short while longer, Mike and I pulled comfortably ahead. Without so much as a hint of a smile, Mike turned to me and said, “nice enough guy, but I think we may have been a little out of his speed range.”


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