PCT – Day 16 – Return of the Poodle

DATE:  May 2120120526-142809.jpg

START:  Golden Oaks Spring

FINISH:  Half mile past Willow Spring Road

DISTANCE:  39.5 miles (63.6 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  622.8 miles (1002.1 km)

Four days after my bout with poodle bush, it seemed as if I had dodged a bullet. A slight rash had appeared after day one, but as it hadn’t gotten any worse, I assumed that I was pretty much in the clear. Hmm, may have jumped the gun a touch….

On a significantly brighter note, wandered through some picturesque stands of Joshua Trees at day’s end. Extremely windy; fortunately managed to find a relatively sheltered camping spot just as night was falling.





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