PCT – Day 20 to 23 – An Ode to Bob Dylan: ‘Stuck inside of Ridgecrest with the Poodle Blues again’

I make a shitty patient. I rate an extended period of convalescence right up there with a roaring case of hemorrhoids on the old ‘fun-ometer scale’. Nonetheless, my enforced layoff here in Ridgecrest hasn’t been such a bad thing. I have had the opportunity to meet and hang out with some really cool folk, namely local climbers/hikers Joe and Mark. In addition, I have managed to put on approximately ten pounds, each and every one of which will hold me in good stead for the upcoming lengthy section between resupplies through the High Sierra.

Lying in my motel bed I couldn’t help but have an ironic chuckle in regards to my present situation. In some two decades of hiking around the globe, I have had close encounters with grizzlies, King Browns, rabid dogs, gun-toting Mexican bandits and roaring rapids. Who would have thought that I would finally be put out of action by an innocuous sounding plant by the name of ‘Poodle Dog’. I mean, really, it at least could have been called ‘Pit Bull’ or ‘Rottweiler’ bush!



PCT – Day 20 to 23 – An Ode to Bob Dylan: ‘Stuck inside of Ridgecrest with the Poodle Blues again’ — 7 Comments

  1. Man, do I feel for you. You had a butt kicking start that made my little stroll last year seem like a picnic. You had great pace and to be laid up by a sticking bush. Hope you return back to 100% quickly and get back into the cool Sierra. Will definitely be following your journey. At last there is an audacious goal by someone who can walk the talk. Good luck and I will be watching for your travels through my neck of the woods in Duncannon.

    Malto – PCT’11

    • Hey Malto,

      Thanks for your message a few months back. Sorry for not replying sooner. It seems that in regards to keeping up with correspondence, I have constantly been playing catch up since beginning my series of 12 long walks in July of last year.

      The PCT ended up being a good deal slower than originally envisaged. Such are the whims of Mother Nature (Poodle Dog Bush and high snow levels in OR and WA) and Father Time (dodgy left knee)! On the flip side, I have had a great run so far both weather and health wise on the CDT.

      Looking forward to catching the kaleidoscope of autumnal colors which is New England in mid-October. An “Indian summer” would also be handy……….at least until I make it through Maine and New Hampshire!


      Cam (aka. Swami)

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  2. I talked to Steve last nigh (5-31)t, and he said he had a nice visit with you during the last week. He was concerned about your poodle dog rash, but has’t been close to a computer to check on your progress. The only thing he knew was he saw you in a miserable condition. I told Steve I’d send you a “hello” from him, and tell you he enjoyed meeting up with you. Happy Hiking.
    Gloria Fitch

    • Hi Gloria
      All is ok. I saw Steve a couple of days before I went to hospital and at that stage I was in pretty bad shape. After making it to Kennedy Meadows, I took five days off before getting back on trail on May 30. Please pass on my regards to Steve.

  3. Cam,
    This is John’s (aka Carrot) mom. When did you start back on the trail? Did you catch up with John and Clay yet? It was great meeting you and hearing about all of your adventures.

    • Hi Sherri
      Great meeting you guys as well! Got back on trail on May 30, after spending five days in Ridgecrest. I saw John (Carrot) just before Mather Pass and hiked with him and another guy by the name of Dream Laugher for a few hours or so. Hope his hike is still going really well.
      Take care,

  4. Just read my son “Rubs” Justin Bosten’s journal and he said you won the poodle dog lottery. Glad you are better and back on the trail. My son was a bit in awe of your journey. Sould you meet him again please don’t encourgae him to follow your footsteps. One trail is enought for a mother’s worry. Take care and be safe
    Judy B.

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