PCT – Day 3 – Eagle Rock & Warner Springs

DATE:  May 820120715-064805.jpg

START:  Scissors Crossing

FINISH:  Mile 117.5

DISTANCE:  40.5 miles (65.2 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  117.5 miles (189.2 km)

Began with an easy climb out of Scissors Crossing, followed by a long series of gorgeous vistas, as the trail contoured its way serpent-like around the sun-baked San Felipe Hills….Later in the day paid a visit to the very cool rock formation, appropriately named ‘Eagle Rock’ (see photo). Talk about your uncanny resemblances!

Made it to the Warner Springs Post Office to collect my resupply box, literally one minute before closing time. The hot springs after which the tiny town are named, are sadly shut for the moment. A bit of a shame, as Warner had been one of my favourite stops back in 2007 (the year I previously hiked the PCT). Instead of bathing my weary limbs in healing thermal waters, I was instead reduced to a quick wash of the essentials with a garden hose behind the post office. Talk about going from the penthouse to the outhouse! Such is the life of a long distance hiker.

The day finished on a memorable note, as a few minutes before I called it a day I saw a bobcat scurry across the trail not more than 30 yards away from where I was walking.




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