PCT – Day 4 – Paradise Valley Cafe

DATE:  May 920120715-070548.jpg

START:  Mile 117.5

FINISH:  Just north of Hwy 74

DISTANCE:  35 miles (56.3 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  152.5 miles (245.4 km)

A long, shadeless, arid stretch in 30 degree celsius weather. For people not accustomed to hiking in the desert, such conditions can prove extremely challenging. Click here for tips and advice on hydration strategies in the desert, taken from the Health & Safety section of The Hiking Life website.

Upon emerging at Hwy 74, I made a bee-line for the Paradise Cafe and it’s justifiably famous hamburgers. After eating my, and possibly three or four other peoples share, the owner of the establishment was kind enough to drop me back at the trailhead….laden with a sizable salad and a triple scoop of ice cream to go.



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