PCT – Day 6 – Ziggy Played Guitar

DATE:  May 1120120715-080402.jpg

START:  Fuller Ridge

FINISH:  Mission Creek

DISTANCE:  39.5 miles (63.6 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  232 miles (373.3 km)

Began the day with a switch-backing thirteen mile hike down from Fuller Ridge. Stunning early morning views over the desert below. Had a good chat with Wildflower, Nips and Ninja at the wonderfully situated faucet at bottom of the descent.

Resupplied at Ziggy and the Bear’s place (see photo below) at Cabazon. All of the following services are laid out for PCT hikers: free laptop usage, fresh fruit, cheap Gatorade and vegetable juice, free camping and even a complimentary Epsom salt foot bath! A huge thanks to both Ziggy and the Bear for their incredible generosity and hospitality.

After leaving Ziggy’s, I hiked for a couple of hours with Will and Ryan from Tennessee. Great guys and strong hikers both. After parting ways, with the name of my trail angel benefactors still fresh in my mind, I happily listened to David Bowie’s classic album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars for the rest of the afternoon. Great times!









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