PCT – Day 7 – It’s a Small World

DATE:  May 12


START:  Mission Creek

FINISH:  Big Bear/Van Dusen Canyon

DISTANCE:  42 miles (67.6 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  274 miles (440.9 km)

Steady 3,500 ft climb out of Mission Creek. Felt strong. Ran into Beardo, a former AT hiker who is good friends with Carnivore and Purple (SWH trail angels). The hiking community is a relatively small and close knit one, and it is not uncommon to run into old friends, or at least friends of friends, on a regular basis.

Later that day I also met a guy by the name of Ryan Choi. I recognized his name due to the fact that he is one of only a handful of people to have hiked the Hayduke Trail, which was part of the recently completed Southwestern Horseshoe. I owed him a debt of gratitude, as he was the guy who documented the premier water source of the entire Hayduke, the Hole-in-the-wall spring on the Paria River. 




PCT – Day 7 – It’s a Small World — 2 Comments

  1. Whoa! You are absolutely right about the hiking community being small. I met Beardo, Sweet P, Carnivore and Purple on September 27th, 2011 when I was in PA doing a section hike. That is just crazy. They are all very good people.

    As an explanation on why I’m commenting on a post that is months old. You were mentioned on a Facebook site and I started reading your journals. You are doing something that most of us only dream of. I wish you the best as you finish up your 12th long walk.

    Keep on hiking. Maybe I will meet you on the trail too when you make your way down to the MD area.

    Take care,

    • Hey Jefe
      Thanks for your well wishes. The long distance hiking community is definitely a small one, but it is filled with some of the best people you are ever likely to meet.

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