PCT – Day 26 – The Bone Lady

DATE:  May 3120120605-132244.jpg

START:  One mile past turnoff to Diaz Creek (742.8 miles)

FINISH:  Tyndal Creek

DISTANCE:  32 miles (51.5 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  774.8 miles (1246.7 km)

Mellow sort of day. Nice weather, early finish, lots of breaks. Still not feeling quite up to scratch. Spent 40 minutes or so eating breakfast and chatting with fellow thru hikers, Bone Lady, Southern and Swiss. Later hiked with the Bone Lady for a few hours………how did she get her trail name?…………..I had initially assumed it was because of the colour of her hiking attire, but upon posing the question to the lady herself I was informed that, “it’s because I collect dead things.” I guess we all need a hobby.





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