PCT – Day 28 – Three Generations

DATE:  June 220120614-074234.jpg

START:  Just before Lake Marjorie

FINISH:  Muir Pass Hut

DISTANCE:  30 miles

TOTAL DISTANCE:  838.6 miles (km)

Soon after breaking camp, I ran into Carrot and Dream Laugher. I had hiked with Carrot BPB (before Poodle Bush), and also had the good fortune to meet up with him and his family briefly in Ridgecrest (ie. my second home). Carrot is 23. Dream Laugher is an extremely sprightly 65. I am 42. On the trail, age, where you come from, what you do for a living; none of it really matters. People from different generations and backgrounds are brought together not just by the goal of walking from Mexico to Canada, but also by an intangible connection, the catalyst of which is a mutual love of the Great Outdoors and all of the wonders, both realized and yet undiscovered, that such a bond entails.






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