PCT – Day 37 – Grasshopper and the Brakeman

DATE:  June 1120120714-202825.jpg

START:  Stealth site above lower Echo Lake

FINISH:  On ridge, just before PCT and Tahoe Rim Trail Junction

DISTANCE:  34.7 miles (55.8 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  1131.7 miles (1820.9 km)

Began the day with sublime early morning views over Lake Aloha……Quite a lot of snow on the north face of Dick’s Pass……Spent a couple of enjoyable hours chatting and hiking with Grasshopper and Brakeman, a wonderful couple from Georgia who upon deciding to take early retirement, transformed themselves from business Professionals into full-time long distance hikers…….they are two of the only people I have met that have also done the Foothills, Bartram and Benton Mackay trails, which together constituted more than 80% of the Southeastern Serpentine Trail I completed last November………..Bug-free ridgetop campsite afforded an ideal location from which to catch the sun’s crimson curtain call……Another great day on the PCT.





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