PCT – Day 40/41 – High Sierra meets Don Corleone

DATE:  June 14/15

START:  Red Moose Inn, Sierra City

FINISH:  About 1.5 miles shy of Lookout Rock

DISTANCE:  60.5 miles

TOTAL DISTANCE:  1258 miles

A short day (nero in hiker parlance, ie close to zero, but not quite) out of Sierra City was followed by a significantly longer one, the culmination of which was a lengthy ascent from the Feather River to a flat spot a mile and a half short of Lookout Rock.

The scenery was impressive, but rarely spectacular. Then again the High Sierra is a tough act to follow. Sort of like going to a Godfather movie marathon. The first two films are all-time classics; the final part of the trilogy, whilst not a bad movie, is definitely not in the same league as its predecessors. Nonetheless you sit through it, the logic being that although it is the lesser of the three, it still constitutes part of the bigger picture. Indeed, it is almost worth watching if only to see Pacino utter that classic line, “just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”



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