PCT – DAY 45 – Hat Creek Rim & Joseph Heller

DATE:  June 1820120626-070130.jpg

START:  Junction to Horseshoe Lake

FINISH:  Cache 22

DISTANCE:  39 miles

TOTAL DISTANCE:  1398 miles

After a longish day, which included a couple of hours worth of burgers, ice cream and V8 vegetable juice at Old Station, I finally arrived at a huge water cache situated just before Forest Road #22. Appropriately named “Cache 22”, it got me thinking. And here’s what I came up with; the Catch 22 of the PCT world:

“…………..If you truly want to be on the PCT it probably means you are a little touched in the head and therefore disqualified from continuing any further. If on the other hand you are harbouring serious doubts as to the sanity of this whole thru-hiking caper, it signifies you are most likely sane and therefore obligated to continue to Canada.”

Those that have read Heller’s book will know where I’m coming from; everyone else will assume I received a little bit too much sun up on Hat Creek Rim (which, by the way, offered some gorgeous sunset views back towards Mt.Lassen).




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