PCT – Day 46 – Georgi

DATE: June 20

START: Cache 22

FINISH: A few miles short of Peavine Creek

DISTANCE: 33 miles (53.1 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE: 1431 miles (2302.5 km)

An early start saw me reach Burney Falls State Park (at the 1423 mile mark) a little before midday. Unfortunately my iPhone had decided to stay behind. Shit. I had left it trailside during a rest stop just before Cassel Fall River Mills Road. If it had been anything else I would have shrugged my shoulders and kept hiking. To cut a long story short, I hitched back, found the phone where I left it, and then luckily managed to procure another ride back to Burney Falls in quick time. The whole exercise took about two and a half hours. Upon reaching the State Park for a second time, I decided to give Georgi Heitman (pictured with yours truly below) good friend and former Old Station Trail Angel, another call to see if she was in the neighborhood (I had tried yesterday without success). I had stayed with Georgi for a couple of days in 2007, and although she is no longer officially hosting hikers, I thought it would be great to meet up for a coffee and catch up on old times. This time she was home and upon hearing my voice told me to stay where I was as she was coming up to see me. After a wonderful three hour reunion, I eventually hit the trail again around 6 pm, somehow having resisted Georgi’s invitation of accommodation, a huge rib-eye steak dinner and an equally sizable breakfast. Fast forward three hours – eating cold dehydrated beans and a muesli bar for dinner, I couldn’t help but shake my head as my taste buds and stomach confirmed that which I already knew; I’m really not the ‘brightest star in the sky’./p>





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