PCT – Day 47 to 51 – Burney Falls (just past) to Etna

DATE:  June 21 – 2520120703-223538.jpg

START:  A few miles short of Peavine Creek


DISTANCE:  175 miles

DAILY AVERAGE:  35 miles

TOTAL DISTANCE:  1606.3 miles


  • Mt. Shasta: The sun came out and the heavens cleared to afford jaw-dropping vistas of Mt. Shasta during the section before Park Creek Road Trailhead.
  • Wildlife: I was fortunate to spot numerous bears (four in total), snakes, deer and a variety of birdlife (woodpeckers, bluejays, mockingbirds and eagles) during this section.


  • Weather: The final few days into Etna were marked by wind, rain, fog, snow and the coldest conditions encountered since just before Tuolomne Meadows. Except for the odd window of sunshine, views were at a premium. Normally I wouldn’t mention such a stretch, but the PCT generally has such great weather between May and August, that an extended period of such inclement conditions is somewhat of an anomaly.
  • Knees: Over the past couple of weeks I have been nursing a persistent case of patellar tendinitis in my left knee. Massage, stretching, reducing my daily mileage/hours hiked….you name it, I’ve tried it. The good news? It’s not getting any worse. The not so good news? It’s not really improving, either. Perseverance and patience.






PCT – Day 47 to 51 – Burney Falls (just past) to Etna — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Cam! I just met you at Elk Lake in Central Oregon. Just wanted to say it was nice talking to you. I love the website! so much great info. hope someday my pack is half as light as yours.i look foward to following along on your journey. Best wishes buddy!

    • Hey Brandon….. Thanks 4 the mail…..the ice cream and burger were amongst the best on the trail!…best of luck lowering the pack weight…Cam

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