PCT – Days 66 to 68 – Timberline or bust!

DATE:  July 10 – July 1220120714-154153.jpg

START:  A few miles before Ollalie Lake

FINISH:  Cascade Locks

DISTANCE:  105 miles (168.9 km)

DAILY AVERAGE:  35 miles (56.3 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  2155.8 miles (3468.7 km)


Timberline Lodge Buffet: Simply the best AYCE buffet on the PCT! A big thanks to Dennis and his staff for allowing me to keep eating for a couple of hours after closing time. I can’t remember when I’ve been so full………..probably the last time I was here back in 2007!

Waterfalls: How can you not help but love waterfalls? Seriously, some people don’t like the desert. Others don’t care for mountains, rivers or oceans. But who ever heard of anyone who had something against waterfalls? On July 12, I was fortunate to visit my two favourite cascades of the PCT; namely Ramona and Tunnel Falls. Both of these stunning natural wonders are not actually on the “official” PCT, but you would have to be the most anal of trail purists to bypass either one. Not to be missed!










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  1. You are an amazing trekker! Hope to meet you on the PCT at Pyrimid Peak Trailhead. This trail angel will be stationed there…7/27-8/2+ with beverages, hot food, pharmacy supplies and groceries. Any suggestions?

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