CDT – Days 12 & 13 – The Long & Winding Road

DATE:  August 14-1520120824-141150.jpg

START:  Ontario Creek

FINISH:  Storm Lake Rd (stealth camp five miles before lake)

DISTANCE:  72 miles (115.8 km)

DAILY AVERAGE:  36 miles (57.9 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  439 miles (km)

Major Route Choice #2: I chose to do the Anaconda, rather than the Butte Route. Why? Despite the fact that improvements have been made on the Butte in recent years, I have yet to hear much in the way of positive feedback. Neither choice is particularly scenic, the Anaconda has more paved road walking, whilst the Butte has large sections along ATV roads. Quite frankly, the Anaconda is the more expedient of two less than stellar alternatives, and when you factor in ease of resupply, it is no great surprise that 90% of CDT Thru hikers continue to take the Anaconda cut-off. Personally, I would rather do the extra miles in the form of alternate routes or side trips in areas such as the Wind River Range, where my time will be rewarded with spectacular scenery, more wildlife viewing opportunities and a greater overall wilderness feel.

Dangerous Sheep: The teenager in me had a good chuckle over the Big Horn highway sign pictured above. Montana is definitely not the place to be if you are a flasher………..unless, of course, you happen to hail from New Zealand, Wales or Nebraska.




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