CDT – Days 17 to 19 – The Smoky Mountains of Montana

DATE:  August 19 – 2120120824-144105.jpg

START:  Eight miles after Chief Joseph Pass

FINISH:  Just below the Divide, approximately sixteen miles before Bannock Pass.

DISTANCE:  96 miles (154.2 km)

DAILY AVERAGE:  32 miles (51.4 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  626 miles (1023.3 km)

CDT Hiker Update: A day out of Sula I ran into Love it or Leave it and Allan, both of whom were north bounding. The following day I camped with Coach K and Miss Parkay by Berry Creek. They are both heading south, however I’m not sure if they are thru or section hiking. Finally on the 21st, I had the pleasure of hiking with Kelly and her dog Zoe, who began their hike in East Glacier and are headed as far as Targee Pass.

Lena Lake: It was still relatively early in the morning when I went for a quick dip in this gorgeous alpine lake. Absolutely Baltic! I was singing soprano for the next hour or so until the old cobblers finally headed south and all was once again right with the world.

Sheep Creek: The waterway itself was nothing out of the ordinary, what made this stretch particularly memorable was the plethora of thimbleberries on offer. I must have spent the best part of an hour grazing creekside from one bush to the next. By far the best berry section of the CDT up to this point.

The Smokies of Montana: Although the vistas were still impressive, the forest fire emanating from the Salmon-Challis National Forest, meant that I was pretty much walking in a smokey haze during this three day stretch. Not too good for the lungs, but it did make for some lovely sunsets.












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