CDT – Days 3 & 4 – Cool Hand Swami

DATE:  August 5 & 620120815-154937.jpg

START:  Red Eagle Lake

FINISH:  About a mile before Whiterock Creek

DISTANCE:  67 miles

DAILY AVERAGE:  33.5 miles

TOTAL DISTANCE:  131 miles


Stunning views and abundant wildlife between Red Eagle lake and Two Medicine. Lots of mountain goats, another Grizzly sighting and even some Big Horn Sheep from a distance.


Coming immediately after the magnificent Glacier NP, the stretch between East Glacier and Marias Pass was largely nondescript.


Cool Hand Swami: Tackling my second AYCE breakfast in the space of three days, this time at the Glacier Park lodge, I put in a Cool Hand Lukesque performance (recall the egg eating scene) and almost had to be wheeled out of the dining room. This buffet rivaled the fabled Timberline Lodge on the PCT in terms of quality and range of choice. To my younger readers who have no idea who Cool Hand Luke is, I highly recommend checking out the Paul Newman film of the same title.

Five Favourite Paul Newman Films:

– The Sting
– Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
– Slap Shot
– The Hustler
– Cool Hand Luke

Recalling Slap Shot, made me think of my five favourite sporting films of all time:

– Raging Bull
– Chariots of Fire
– Slap Shot
– Caddy Shack
– Rocky

When you hike fourteen hours a day, week after week, month after month, and 95% of the time you are by yourself, a lot of random thoughts drift in and out of your noggin!










CDT – Days 3 & 4 – Cool Hand Swami — 5 Comments

  1. Great shots of Glacier! I wondered where you next adventure would be taking you, and this makes a lot of sense! Hope those feet and legs heal!

    • Hi Brenda

      Thank you for your messages and support. Sorry about the tardy reply. Both Stehekin and Glacier NP were amongst the highlights of the entire 12 Long Walks. Apart from the jaw-dropping scenery, both sport amazing bakeries……just as important from a thru hiker’s perspective! The Glacier bakery is actually just outside the western border of the Park, in the wonderful little community of Polebridge.



  2. CAM!!! I cannot tell you how good it was to hear from you. I quit smoking more than 2 months ago now! The running hiking cycling are all going great. I shared the voice memo with Mark he enjoyed it and sends his regards. Cam keep on keeping on you are an inspiration to us all! Happy trails!

    Joseph French

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