PCT – Days 83 to 85 – One Journey Ends & Another Begins

DATE:  July 28 – July 30 (2.2 days)20120731-184246.jpg

START:  Bridge Creek (Five miles past Stehekin)

FINISH:  Manning Park, Canada (Eight miles past the border)

DISTANCE:  80 miles (128.7 km)

DAILY AVERAGE:  36.4 miles (58.6 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  2668 miles (4293 km)

Strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet.

Will Rogers

I was joined for the last day and a half of the PCT by my old mate Insane Duane and Mouse (see photo third from bottom). Good guys both, they were an odd couple of the first order. Duane is almost 50, lives off the grid in the swamps of Florida and is as rough around the edges as they come. Mouse is in his early 20’s, clean cut, has a military background and is currently attending university. A classic example of how the trail can bring together people who under normal circumstances, would rarely have the chance to get to know one another. All that being said, they got along famously and it was fantastic to have some company for the last leg of the PCT to the US/Canadian border. 

Upon reaching the halfway mark, I remember penning a general thanks to trail maintainers, hikers and trail angels alike, all of whom had played a part in my PCT journey up until that point. Therefore at trail’s end, it seems only appropriate to extend a more specific thanks to all of the people who helped to make my second PCT experience, as equally memorable as the first. A big thanks to the following people:

Mike Towne, Genna Painter, Scout & Frodo, Sebastian, Will from Tennessee and his buddy Ryan, Kiwi Dave, Chimichanga, Breeze, Billy Goat, Wrong Way, The Wolf Pack, Jeff & Donna Saufley, Train, Carrot, Steve, Judy & her husband from Oregon, Joe French, Copernicus, Rubs, Bone Lady, Snapper, Nico, Charlie, Brakeman & Grasshopper, Bill & Margaret from the Red Moose Inn, Laurie & Brenda Braaten’s, Rockin’, Babalu and his Boy Scout Troop, Georgi Heitman, Speed Stick, All Good, Sasquatch, Sondra, Mama Moab , Buck Mulligan, Captain Underpants, Dutch & Laurie, Mouse, Insane Duane, Bill & Linda Wiedart, and last, but by no means least, a kneefelt thanks to my old mate, Mr. I.B.Uprofen, for his much appreciated daily assistance over the last 1600 miles.

Onwards to Montana and the CDT!

Ps. The photo immediately below was not a rerun of the poodle bush, but instead the result of constantly having wet feet for the best part of six weeks (due to the amount of snow) in Oregon and Washington.












PCT – Days 83 to 85 – One Journey Ends & Another Begins — 4 Comments

  1. Cam-
    Met you with my buddy Scott at the Chinese Wall on horseback and we discussed how to best skirt the fires in the Benchmark area in the Bob Marshal. you mentioned that you were blogging about the trek so I thought I would try and find it. Cool site. Hope you were able to make it through without having to take the long way around the fire and that you have safe travels in your quest down the Divide. Buy some bear spray!

    Chas Vincent

    • Hey Chas

      Good to hear from you. Thankfully only had to make a short detour in “The Bob”. The hike has continued to go pretty well since our meeting. Never did get the bear spray……..I think my B.O. probably acts as the ultimate deterrent!


  2. Hey Cameron,

    With your Aunty Jen in Connecticut at the moment enjoying a meal and glass of vino.

    Aunty Jen told me about your website! I think what you’re doing is amazing! Hope all is going well.

    Aunty Jen, Paul, Sandy and I all say a big hello and travel safe.


    • Hey Kylie

      Great to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words. A glass of wine and a hot meal sound pretty good on this wet and windy day! Hope you had a fantastic time in the US. I know Aunty Jen had been looking forward to the trip for a long time.

      Take care,


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