CDT – Day 26 – Yellowstone

DATE:  August 2820120906-224208.jpg

START:  Six miles shy of the Western Border of Yellowstone National Park

FINISH:  Campsite OA-1 (close to Lone Star Geyser)

DISTANCE:  27 miles (43.4 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  854 miles (1374.1 km)

The Wolf: I woke up at 4am, having heard something in the forest some forty feet from where I was camped. I lay still for a moment and then quietly turned my headlamp in that direction. I couldn’t believe it. It was a wolf. The first one I had ever seen in the wild. It immediately departed when I started making some noise, but too excited to sleep, I instead decided to listen to an audiobook………and what better choice than Jack London’s Call of the Wild!

Rush Hour on the CDT: I ran into nine northbound CDT hikers today. Let’s see, there was Pants, Dove Bar, Rob, the Pro from Dover, Ratatouille, Coyote, Jester, Hike On and Firefox. Whew! Hopefully they all make it to Canada before the big snows hit Glacier NP.

Yellowstone: The world’s first National Park, Yellowstone is justifiably famous around the globe for its geysers, colourful thermal pools and wildlife. It didn’t disappoint on any of the three counts. I was awestruck by the sheer earth power of the place. Scenic highlights were Biscuit Basin, Old Faithful and Lone Star geyser. In regards to fauna, in my three days in the Park I saw a grizzly, a wolf. a coyote and loads of deer.

Geyser: The word geyser (or geysir) is Icelandic, and is named after a village in that country that boasts, you guessed it, a hot spring that intermittently spouts columns of water. I stayed a night there during my cycling/hiking trip around Iceland in 2000.

The Second National Park: Many people know that Yellowstone was the first national park ever established. Do you know what the second was? None other than Australia’s Royal NP, just outside of Sydney, NSW. Couldn’t resist throwing that in.















CDT – Day 26 – Yellowstone — 3 Comments

  1. Hello! Jester here! Was great to meet you on the CDT! We did get nailed in Glacier with about 18 inches of snow, but finished on October 5th at Chief Mountain. Hope all’s well with you!

    • Hey Jester,
      Great to hear from you! Congrats on completing the CDT! Did you end up hiking with Ratatouille, Coyote, Pants and Dove Bar the rest of the way?
      Hope you survived the food at Mack’s Inn! All is good over here on the east coast; a little bit wet and windy at the moment, but hopefully conditions will improve asap.

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