The #2 Question

Toiletry tips for the trail:

Location, Location: Choose a spot at least 50m away from water sources. Avoid drainage areas where heavy rains may dislodge the faeces and wash it downstream. Whenever possible, choose a site with maximum sun exposure, as heat helps to accelerate the decomposition process.

Depth: Dig a hole about 15cm deep (use your heel, a stick, hiking pole, tent peg or potty trowel). Don’t go too much deeper as soils decomposing bacteria is concentrated closest to the surface.

Technique: Once you have finished your deposit, break it up with a stick, and mix in some dry leaves or grass to help speed up decomposition. Urine and water also helps.

Toilet Paper: There is nothing worse than seeing used toilet paper in the wilderness. At the very least all TP should be well buried. The best option is to pack it out. Use a ziplock bag to decrease the odour factor. If it makes you feel weird looking at a bag of used TP, double it up with a coloured baggy.

Alternatives: If you use natural materials (eg. moss, large leaves, flat rocks) for wiping, then bury them together with the faeces.

Clean Up: Always clean your hands after finishing. If using soap (biodegradable) and water, do so at least 50m away from water sources.

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