AT – Day 1 – The Last Thru Hiker

DATE:  October 17

START:  Mt Katahdin

FINISH:  Hurd Brook

DISTANCE:  18.6 miles (29.9 km) + 5.2 miles climb to Katahdin summit (23.8 miles total for the day)

DAILY AVERAGE:  18.6 miles (29.9 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  18.6 miles (29.9 km)

“Are you finishing up your thru hike?”
“No, I’m just beginning a south bound.”
“Say what?”
“I’m heading to Georgia.”
“You do realize we’re in October?”
“A little late to start, no?”
“So I’ve been told.”
“Man, you’ll never make it.”
“I’ve been told that as well.”
“….(awkward pause)……best of luck to you (shake of the head).”
“Thanks (I think).”

Ps. The views from Mt Katahdin were fantastic! Congratulations again to all the northbounders I met on my descent from the summit. Well done!

Pps. A big thanks to my friend Paul “Ole Man” Renaud from the iconic AT Lodge in Milliknocket for all his help and hospitality (that’s Paul pictured in the first photo below).












AT – Day 1 – The Last Thru Hiker — 5 Comments

  1. Looks like you had a beautiful day to start! Hope you started feeling better, and we look forward to reading updates! Vaya con Dios!

  2. No worries Cam !! Look what you did since we meet 7mi. south of the Ca. border on Aug 4. Hey in 65 days you will be on Springer if the AYCE spots don’t over power you.

    • Hey Rascal,
      Hmm, not to sure about sixty five days…….maybe if Mother Nature turned the seasonal clock back a few months and I had a hurricane, snow free run all the way to Georgia! Still hope to finish by December 31st, but I would be just as happy (well, almost) if I completed the final hike in early January. Whatever the case, it has been an amazing 16 months! I do love my food, and I seem to be drawn magnet-like to AYCE restaurants that are within a 20 mile radius of anywhere I happen to be hiking. Call it a gift!

  3. good luck, stay safe, hopefully you will be able o get through after Sandy takes out NY and NJ ! !

    Jan & Mike may be able to give you pointers on AT + Hurricane Hiking

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