AT – Day 2 – 100 Mile Wilderness

DATE:  October 18

START:  Hurd Brook Shelter

FINISH:  Nahmakanta Stream

DISTANCE:  25.5 miles (41 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  44.1 miles (71 km)

I have a confession to make…….I’ve never been that interested in hiking the Appalachian Trail. Crowded shelters, limited views, regular road crossings; it may be the most famous of all long distance walks, but from a purely “hiking” perspective (i.e. historical, cultural and social elements aside) it never really grabbed my attention. So, what am I doing here in Maine? In a phrase – ‘timing is everything’. A thru hike in the Fall (albeit season’s end) equates to very few other hikers, a kaleidoscope of autumnal colors and once the leaves have fallen, improved vistas. The weather will be an issue, but as a wise man once said “there is no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing.” That being said, even the most enlightened, well prepared, positive thinking of hikers will have a hard time convincing themselves that driving rain, high winds and 2° celsius is anything but crappy weather!





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