AT – Day 3 – White Cap Mountain Blues

DATE:  October 19

START:  Nahmakanta Stream

FINISH:  Carl Newhall Shelter

DISTANCE:  34.6 miles (55.7 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  78.7 miles (126.6 km)

After a few good nights sleep, today was the strongest I have felt in the last couple of weeks. My cause was additionally aided by a pre-dawn start, a late finish (9pm) and a relatively easy stretch, at least by the exacting standards of the 100 Mile Wilderness when hiked in late October.

My long day ended on a challenging, though ultimately satisfying note, having to negotiate my way with a rapidly fading headlamp through a huge storm whilst ascending and descending the slick rock and root-laden trails of White Cap mountain.

Upon arrival at Carl Newhall shelter I met Duke and Desperado, a couple of northbound thru hikers who were very welcoming despite my late arrival. Cool people. We ended up chatting until after midnight and both seemed very interested in some of the other trails I have done, particularly the CDT and assorted hikes in Iceland and New Zealand. Great meeting you, guys, and all the best for the future. Congrats on finishing the AT!






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