AT – Days 7 & 8 – Ponds Vs Lakes

DATE:  October 23-24  20121026-233015.jpg

START:  Caratunk

FINISH:  Poplar Ridge lean-to

DISTANCE:  58.2 miles (93.6 km)

DAILY AVERAGE:  29.1 miles (46.8 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  209.5 miles (337.1 km)

Ferry Across the Kennebec: Early morning crossing with Dave (aka “Shadow”) who hiked the AT in 2005 or 06. Nice guy……….One of my all-time favourite literary characters, Siddartha (from the Herman Hesse novel of the same name), was a Ferryman………..I wonder what Chris de Burgh had against the profession when he penned his 80’s hit Don’t pay the ferryman?………..Gerry and the Pacemakers were much kinder in the old 60’s classic Ferry Across the Mersey………..Ramble, ramble, ramble……….

Ponds Vs Lakes: I used to think ponds were bigger than lakes, but after hiking through Maine I’m no longer sure. Some of the ponds up here are like inland seas!










AT – Days 7 & 8 – Ponds Vs Lakes — 7 Comments

  1. HI Cam, looks like you are holed up somewhere now due to Sandy? Great pics! Like that one with the blue hole in the cloud, was that on Avery Peak? Take care and don’t let that ole storm stop you too long.

    • Hey JoJo
      The pic of the “blue hole” was taken from the summit of Sugarloaf mtn (a little side trip about 10 miles after the highway to Stratton). The weather was pretty brutal above tree line in the Whites yesterday……..very happy to descend.

  2. We hope you are safe and taking care ! ! great picture, wonderful writing, hope you concussion heals while you are riding the storm out

    • Thanks for your messages, Pat and Mikee. Hopefully the weather will improve asap. Jan and Mike have been a huge help with info for the AT!

  3. Hey Cam,
    Sorry I missed you in CO – I’m sure you were a blur through the state! Hope all is well in the North East and Sandy hasn’t slowed you down too much. Best of luck with the rest of your hike!

    • Hey Mouse
      Had a bit of a break because of Sandy, but all in all the weather has been as good as I could have hoped for. In regards to the CDT, comparatively speaking it was a breeze coming straight after the 800-900 miles of snow that you, Duane and I waded through on the PCT! Timing is everything!

  4. I hope we see you in VT if you want a dry out and day off. We wont be here though 11/5-11/7 or 11/13-11/18 then it’s a zoo here for Thanksgiving but we’ll fit you in for sure.

    Please let me know your ETA to Kelly Stand road we’re about 100 miles south of Hanover. Give me a heads up and maybe I can change schedules a bit.

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