CDT – Day 57 – The Rest Day

I took my first zero of the CDT today. Physically and mentally it was time. Liv Holmes, trail angel extraordinaire and 2011 CDT thru hiker, had ‘spread her wings to Pagosa Springs’ in the form of a very kind invitation to take a day off at her family’s home. I couldn’t resist. So…….What did I do?

1. Coffee, big breakfast and newspaper in the morning.
2. Watched Scorcese’s classic documentary about The Band’s final concert, “The Last Waltz”…….what a lineup! Joining Robbie and the boys were some of my all time favourites such as Muddy Waters, Van The Man, Joni Mitchell, Clapton and Bob Dylan.
3. Lunch at the Pagosa Brewery; great food washed down with a pint or two of their award winning amber fluid.
4. Back to the house; whilst Liv went for an afternoon hike, I took a bath, did some work on the computer and managed to fit in a short yoga session.
5. Overlook Hot Springs: Those that have known me for some years are aware of my great love for thermal waters. This little place was a gem! Across the street from the massive and somewhat overpriced Springs complex, ‘Overlook HS’ had a Roman bathhouse type feel to it………just without the togas, eunuch attendants, grapes and post-soak orgy!
6. Dinner at the very good Kip’s Cantina and Grill.
7. A bed-time pint of ‘Ben & Jerry’s whilst watching Big Arnie Schwarzenegger’s Pumping Iron .

The perfect zero day. Thanks again, Liv, for your amazing hospitality!




CDT – Day 57 – The Rest Day — 5 Comments

  1. Glad you took a rest day! A long time coming, and it looks like it will be a long time till the next!!

    Let us know if you need a ride from the border. We sent an email with Mike’s phone number.

  2. I had to have a cap replaced in Pagosa Springs in 2010. Ever try to talk trail with a Dentist’s hands in your mouth? Ah memories! Good luck and God Bless ya Swami.

    • Hey JoJo,
      Great to hear from you and thank you for the well wishes. It has always amazed me how dentists seem to be able to understand what people are saying in those situations. It’s like another language.

  3. And the Swami takes a rest day to make the rest of us not feel so bad 🙂 You the man Cam! The Last Waltz by the way an amazing concert. Sounds like a rest day well spent.

    -Joseph French

    • Hey Joe……..It was a great day! Much needed. Yes, ‘The Band’ were an awesome group and that was a fantastic lineup of guests. Hope everything is going great for you in California.

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