CDT – Days 58 to 61 – The Night Walker

DATE:  September 29 to October 220121006-233937.jpg

START:  Wolf Creek Pass/Pagosa Springs, CO

FINISH:  Just past the junction of FR 137 & 139 – about eight miles before Ghost Ranch

DISTANCE:  137.2 miles (220.8 km)

DAILY AVERAGE:  34.3 miles (55.2 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  2041.7 miles (3285.1 km)

The Sunset: First day out of Pagosa Springs I was hit with another big storm; this time of the electrical variety. Undeterred, I plodded along through the hail, wind and Mother Nature’s Light & Sound Show; quietly chuckling to myself that the San Juan’s were giving me a parting gift to remember. After a very long couple of hours the weather finally broke……..the reward for my perseverance? One of the finest sunsets I had seen during the entire 12 Long Walks. Thank you, San Juan’s.

The Herd: The following day I ran into a group of four southbound CDT hikers, namely Mike, Naomi, Step and Machine. I ended up hiking with them the entire day. A great group of people and strong hikers all! Thanks for the company, guys, and best of luck in New Mexico.

The Night Walker: After a cruisy couple of days out of Pagosa, I realized that I needed to get my skates on if I was going to make the Mexican border before mid-October. I decided that some night walking may be in order. The catch? My headlamp batteries died and I had to make an unexpected trip into Chama just to buy two triple A batteries! Back on the trail, I walked until the wee hours of the following morning, had a couple of hours kip, and then backed up with another huge day eventually making camp some eight miles or so before Ghost Ranch.

















CDT – Days 58 to 61 – The Night Walker — 1 Comment

  1. What an amazing sunset you experienced first hand! What a treat after the thunder and lightening! Sure am glad you can hike in the dark, not a skill I have mastered, headlight or no headlight! I imagine you scared off a few animals with the light!

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