CDT – Days 66 & 67 – Pie Town

DATE:  October 7 & 820121014-104054.jpg

START:  Grants

FINISH:  Pie Town

DISTANCE:  81.6 miles (131.3 km)

DAILY AVERAGE:  40.8 miles (65.6 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  2295.3 miles (3692.7 km)

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother-in law: There was a lot of gravel road walking on the way to Pie Town. Fast going, but definitely not my preferred type of hiking. The saving grace for much of the way was being joined in shifts by my brother-in-law, Jonno, and sister, Kelli; one would watch the kids and/or drive, whilst the other would accompany me on foot. Both are very swift; indeed, when hiking with Jonno, who stands 6’5 but has the stride of a seven footer, I felt a bit like a toddler chasing after his father!

Five Favourite Songs with ‘Road’ in the Title:

– Hit the Road Jack (Ray Charles)
– Road to Nowhere (Talking Heads)
– The Long and Winding Road (The Beatles)
– Why Don’t We Do It in the Road (The Beatles)
– Roadhouse Blues (The Doors)

El Malpais: The scenic highlights between Grants and the wonderfully named Pie Town were El Malpais Lava Field, La Ventana Rock Arch and the Malpais Rim trail. The latter of the three afforded spectacular views over the aforementioned lava field and for many miles beyond.

Five Favorite Volcano Hikes: All that rambling over lava was a catalyst to the following Top 5:

– El Misti (Peru, 1996)
– Ngauruhoe (New Zealand, 1994)
– Isla de Ometepe – Two volcanos/one island – Volcan Concepcion & Volcan Maderas – (Nicaragua, 2000)
– Mt. Rainier / Wonerland Trail (USA, 2003)
– Volcan Paricutin (Mexico, 1995 & 2005)









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