CDT – Days 71 to 74 – And then there was one…….

DATE:  October 12 to 1520121016-085313.jpg

START:  Doc Campbell’s

FINISH:  Columbus, US/Mexico Border

DISTANCE:  174.6 miles (290 km)

DAILY AVERAGE:  43.7 miles (70.3 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  2592 miles (4171 km)

Major Route Choice #4: Columbus or Crazy Cook/Antelope wells? I chose the former for two reasons; firstly, it provided easier access for my family to meet me at the finish, and secondly, it was closer to airports for onward transportation to New England and the beginning of the AT.

Family: During the final nine days of the CDT, I was periodically joined by my sister, brother-in-law and two nephews. They had flown from Australia especially, and it meant the world to me to see my family again after so long away from home. Hands down the highlight of the entire CDT.

One more to go!: The CDT was the penultimate hike in the 12 Long Walks series. After more than 12,000 miles in just over fifteen months, only the Appalachian Trail (AT) remains. After losing a couple of weeks on the PCT due to the whims of Mother Nature (Poodle Dog bush and historically high June/July snow levels in Oregon and Washington) and ‘Father Time’ (dodgy left knee), the CDT was for the most part smooth sailing. I was fortunate with both weather and health. That being said, with an eye on reaching Maine by mid-October, I probably pushed as hard on the CDT as on any other trail, with the possible exception of the GDT last year. Seventy four days was as quick as I could have gone. This in itself is somewhat of an anomaly, as generally speaking during longer trips I tend to hike within myself (i.e. 85 to 90% capacity) in order to avoid both injury and burnout. Onwards to Maine…………









CDT – Days 71 to 74 – And then there was one……. — 2 Comments

  1. 4000+ klms in seventy four days…thats amazing Cam. It’s inspiring everytime I read your journal and happy trails on the AT. ps – ever wish you still had access to the most courageous little toyota ever to grace the hallowed back roads & creek crossings of the University of New England? Vale Red Baron, vale!

    • Thanks, mate. Aaaaaahhhh, the Baron. What a car! It may not have been the fastest (0 to 60 kmh in 120 seconds) or the fanciest (no air con, radio and I think just the one functioning seat belt), but it definitely had character. Broke my heart to sell it………..although the $200 did come in handy at the time.

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